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Jan - March 2020


Unity, Kinect


A highly immersive experience that lets customers step inside LEGO universes and become their favourite heroes as Minifigures

How it works

User Scenario

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1- Idle screen invites user to engage in the experience

2 – User steps into the interaction zone and transforms into a Minifigure

3 – User steps on markers to select their Minifigure

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4 – User movements are mirrored by the Minifigure

5 – User discovers special interactions for each universe


User movement is captured by a Kinect sensor placed next to the screen. The captured data is then applied to a 3D Model of a Minifigure, allowing users to control the character movements in real time

Kinect Setup Lego.png

Star wars

Use your superpowers to fly above the city


Use your magical powers to freeze the world around you


Become a Jedi, use your saber to destroy the droids

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