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Adidas AR

April - July 2018


Unity, Vuforia


Ideation, development and deployement


Last year, Adidas launched its new X18 boot to tie in with the Fifa World Cup. Fitch created 2 custom retail experiences using augmented reality. The experience was available in 70 retails stores and cross 22 countries.

Augmented reality answers millenials & Gen Z’ ers expectation that additional depth of information is available at their finger tips. It fulfils their need for instant gratification whilst providing the opportunity to heighten the in-store experience and increase product interactivity.


In-store demo



Tablet on pylon with dynamic CTA attracts consumer to enface and try Adidas AR experience. The tethered security system allows consumers to freely move around the AR zone and scan augmentable elements such as product and poster.


Primary call to action highlights the ability to augment content with ‘unleash speed with Adidas AR’ headline.


Secondary call to action highlights the ability to ‘DISCOVER X 18’ to consumers.


Augmentable posters trigger dynamic and engaging content. Product videos and expressive typography are brought to life with immersive augmented content to educate the consumers about X 18. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 17.45.03.png

Stand overview


During and after the Fifa World Cup Fitch created 2 different experiences. The same technology were used in both touch points, the only difference between the 2 are changes in the graphics and the overlaid animations.

Augmented Reality Launch Zone_X18 App In

X 18 boot launch zone

Launch Zone TM 18.jpg

Team Mode boot launch zone


User journey

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.31.21.png

User journey

Behind the scene

The iPad’s camera acquires a realtime video stream of reality on top of which is added a second layer of content including videos and technical information about the boot.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.36.03.png

Image anchors for virtual content

Negative space used to display digital content

Product with overlaid information 

Digital layers

All 3 posters become anchors for the virtual content, but Vuforia can only track one at a time. A custom tracking system figures out every frame which poster to use for tracking. Every time a new poster is more "trackable" the software switches anchors. This enables the user to have a wider range of motion with out having the digital content disappear/flicker.

Ipad tracking.png

Most visible poster tracked

Visible but tracking isn't optimal

Not visible


The digital team director has been featured in a BBC article talking about FITCH’s use of AR with the X18 adidas campaign:

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